Balloon Animals 

(Status: Filming)

Three armed robbers, disguised as horror clowns, flee the scene of a botched heist. As the women scramble to elude the authorities and make sense of what went wrong, they soon find their troubles are just beginning.

Written by Tim Seyfert and directed by Rick Roberts, Balloon Animals is an action-packed dramatic short currently in pre-production with filming slated for July 2018.

For more information on the project, check out the film's IMDB page

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Order of Glory

(Status: In Pre-Production)

It’s World War Two on the Eastern Front. The film opens with seasoned German soldiers advancing across Russia. One of these men is the decorated platoon leader Sergeant Rolf Kruger, a skilled but mentally scarred German soldier. On the Russian side is the survivor Maria Volkov, a battle-hardened female Russian soldier who herself is mentally scarred from the war and the murder of her family. Both characters cross paths several times in this gritty, action-packed war film.

Order of Glory is a feature-length film currently in development and will be casting in 2018. Please contact Rick Roberts for more information on the project. 

Rick Roberts - 

Cheating Charlie

(Status: In Post-Production)

When a US diplomat, Nate Barrington, passes through Checkpoint Charlie in 1963 to buy a priceless painting, he unwittingly becomes involved in a plot to undermine the West.

Written and directed by Cheryl Neve and produced by Fire in the Hole Productions.

For more info, check out the film's IMDB page.